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jQuery GoUp!

A simple jQuery plugin that let users of your web pages go back directly to the top.

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Easy Peasy

Download the minified version of the plugin, include it after jQuery and:



Yeah! You can see it in action on this page. If you scroll down, you can see, on the bottom right, the magic!


Name Description Type Default
location On which side the button will be shown ("left" or "right") String right
locationOffset How many pixel the button is distant from the edge of the screen, based on the location setted Integer 20
bottomOffset How many pixel the button is distant from the bottom edge of the screen Integer 10
containerRadius Let you transform a square in a circle (yeah, it's magic!) Integer 10
containerClass The class name given to the button container String goup-container
arrowClass The class name given to the arrow container String goup-arrow
containerColor The color of the container (in hex format) String #000
arrowColor The color of the arrow (in hex format) String #fff
trigger After hoiw many scrolled down pixels the button must be shown (bypoassed by alwaysVisible) Integer 500
entryAnimation The animation of the show and hide events of the button ("slide" or "fade") String fade
alwaysVisible Set to true if u want the button to be always visible (bypass trigger) Boolean false
goupSpeed The speed at which the user will be brought back to the top ("slow", "normal" or "fast") String slow
hideUnderWidth The threshold of window width under which the button is permanently hidden Integer 500
title A text to show on the button mouse hover String ''
titleAsText If true the hover title becomes a true text under the button Boolean false
titleAsTextClass The class name given to the title text String goup-text
zIndex Set the z-index Integer 1

You can see the updated changelog in the repository page.

License and Copyright

jQuery GoUp! is dual licensed under the GPL and MIT licenses.

© 2014-2016 Daniele Lenares

Logo kindly created by Emilia Balitro